Contact Lenses from Opticalise

Discover freedom with modern, easy to use contact lenses

If you find wearing your prescription spectacles restrictive, contact lenses could be an ideal solution. Contact lenses offer a hygienic, low cost and comfortable way of correcting your vision.

Contact lens technology has advanced a long way in recent years and there are numerous options available including daily, fortnightly and monthly contact lenses. They allow you to participate in sports and other activities without restriction and in bad weather conditions. You can also enjoy new 3D films without your regular glasses getting in the way and with a wider field of vision.

Opticalise offers a highly personalised eye care service that will make choosing and trying your contact lenses a pleasant and exciting experience. We provide all types of prescription contact lenses including daily, disposable, monthly, multifocal, toric and extended wear lenses. Our experienced, friendly team will assist you in choosing the most appropriate lenses to benefit you and maintain the health of your eyes.

We are here to help you overcome any confidence issues you may have regarding your new contact lenses as well as teaching you how to use them, ensuring that they fit comfortably and checking that they are the most suitable type for you.

EyeDream Overnight Vision Correction

EyeDream is a vision therapy that brings a modern approach to a technique known as orthokeratology. EyeDream lenses are manufactured from special highly oxygen permeable material. When worn during the night these lenses apply a controlled shape to the window at the front of the eye (the cornea), eliminating your short sightedness. This effect stays strong enough for you to function the entire day without spectacles or contact lenses.

Your Initial Contact Lens Assessment

At Opticalise opticians you can simply request an appointment with us by email or by calling your nearest branch and our friendly reception staff will be able to book your initial contact lens assessment.

During your first visit, your personal and dedicated Optometrist will check the health of your eyes to ensure you will be suitable for wearing contact lenses. The eye test is painless and the process is usually only half and hour. Opticalise will advise you every step of the way and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Free Contact Lens Trial

After your initial consultation and eye check-up, Opticalise will recommend and prescribe the most suitable contact lenses for your eyes and book you in for a second visit to show you how to fit and care for your new lenses.

Your personally prescribed pair or set of contact lenses can then be used for a trial period to ensure you are happy with the comfort as well as the sharpness of your vision. Opticalise will then request one final visit several days later to check all is well with the health of your eyes before advising you with the ordering process and payment options.

Monthly or Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are healthy and hygienic and provide the wearer with a fresh, clear lens without the need for cleaning. They are suitable for occasional wearers who wish to replace their spectacles when playing sport.

Reusable lenses are for extended daily wear and need to be cleaned and stored in a contact lens case overnight or until you next wear them. Some contact lenses can also be worn during sleep. Reusable lenses need to be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks with a new set.

The Right Contact Lens For Your Eyes - Astigmatism

Astigmatism is the irregular curvature and shape of the eye which is a common condition that affects both adults and children. Depending on the extent of the condition, it can cause blurred or distorted vision at all distances. Contact lenses for astigmatism are specially made to match the shape of your eyes and are available in daily and reusable types.

Multifocal Contact Lenses - Presbyopia

A condition that is caused by the lens of your eyes becoming less flexible. This makes it more difficult to adjust your focus from near to far objects. Multifocal contact lenses are designed to counteract this by allowing you to see in sharp focus – near and far.

Coloured Contact Lenses

Whether you wish to just enhance the colour of your natural eyes or have a different look for an evening out, contact Opticalise for more information.