Optician Testimonials


A refreshing new start...and healthy new contact lenses

I have always suffered with poor eyesight since the age of seven and unfortunately had to wear dodgy glasses until my late teens. When I discovered contact lenses, this was a big change of life for me as I could play sports with a lot more confidence and chat to any girl without looking like a real geek!!!

However, having worn contact lenses for over 20 years now, I have been told by my old optician on several occasions to reduce my wearing time as the current lenses are starving my eyes of oxygen. This is obviously a great concern to me as I do not wish to stop wearing lenses with the amount of active sports I like to take part in on a weekly basis.

I was eager to find a second opinion and having met you and your team and after a few assessments and eye tests, I was relieved to hear that you could prescribe me a more breathable set of contact lenses and at a similar price.

I am delighted with the comfort of the new lenses and all the advise you gave me to consider the best options for my lifestyle as well as the general health of my eyes. Many thanks again for your excellent work and for being so trustworthy.

Best wishes
Alex Nicolaou