Sports Specific Eyewear from Opticalise

Serious eyewear for sporting enthusiasts...

Remaining sharp and competitive in any sport will often depend on having good eyesight to react to a challenge or to keep a clear eye on a fast moving ball. Today, the need to compete wearing your normal glasses is no longer a necessity now that sports specific eyewear has become increasingly available.

Nobody can doubt that eyewear designed for sports and other leisure activities can lead to improved performance and better hand-eye coordination no matter what your preferred pursuit may be.

Bright sunlight and glare can impair your reactions and you need to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Opticalise can supply glasses or contact lenses that will offer the protection and safety that you need to make you feel more confident while participating in any competitive activity. Our sunglasses and lenses have 100% Ultra-violet protection for your safety.

Your eyes are also vulnerable if you partake in any kind of racket sports. Wearing eye protection has also become mandatory in some competitions. This is not surprising considering that around 16% of all serious eye injuries are caused by sports. The damage from a hard, fast moving ball - such as a squash ball - can be catastrophic and could cost you your sight.

There is no need to settle for second best - at Opticalise we offer the best and most popular sports brands.

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A pain free eye check-up by our professional Optometrists only takes half and hour and will ensure your eyes are free of any potential and harmful diseases as well as test the strength of your vision.

If you have an old prescription and your looking for a new pair of glasses whether for sport, work, social or reading, then you can request an eye test appointment online or call our optical stores in Harrow or Waterloo.

Designer glasses to make you look good and feel great

At Opticalise opticians we have a great range of spectacles and frames designed to suit all choices of fashion and personal tastes. We want to ensure that your need for glasses enhances your looks as well as corrects your vision.

Why not visit our showroom to view our selection of designer frames and sunglasses. Opticalise cater for all ages from young children to mature adults and also offer the latest choice of thin lightweight lenses, scratch resistant lenses and colour tinted lenses.

Contact lenses

Opticalise can offer you comfort and low cost options with a choice of healthy and hygienic daily disposable or reusable lenses that is right for your eyes. Contact lenses are a great alternative to wearing glasses especially for sporting enthusiasts who play highly competitive and close contact sports.

Find out more about contact lenses at Opticalise opticians by clicking on the link or book a personal eye health check today.